8 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Pumpin’ the Iron

Struggling with low energy? Need to build some discipline? Need to build some self-esteem? Does Grandpa got more grip strength than you?

I’ve got a solution.

Hit the weights!

Here are 8 reasons why you should get serious and make a date with the weights.

1. You’ll optimize your Testosterone levels

A lot of guys don’t really know the importance of having adequate Test levels. The thing is, Testosterone has far more reaching consequences than you might think. Testosterone can have an effect on mood, libido, muscle size, strength, and energy levels.

Let me clarify: low Testosterone levels can lead to depression, anxiety, a low sex drive, small muscles, wimp-like strength, and zero energy. Yes, anything that helps optimize Test levels is good indeed.

Pumping the iron helps release more of this precious hormone. Go heavy and hard and reap the benefits.

2. You’ll look better (by building some damn muscle!)

You’d be surprised how much better you look in clothes with an extra 10 lbs of muscle. Shirts all of the sudden fit tighter and hug your chest and shoulders. Jeans hug your quads. People look at you and know that you workout.

You’ll also look good with *ahem* clothes off. You wanna look (and perform) better in the bedroom? Get your daily dose of iron.

3. You’ll get strong as an ox

You gotta be strong enough to accomplish life’s daily tasks. You also need to be strong enough to defend yourself.

Pumping iron, coupled with some form of combat training, will help you kick any attacker’s ass.

Come at me broIt could be as simple as shadow boxing or as elaborate as studying and learning a martial art, just do something.

4.¬† You’ll build strong bones and robust joints

Muscles get all the glory when it comes to weight training, but your bones and joints also get stronger and more robust. Bone and joint health is absolutely key, and it’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you have a problem.

Another thing is that bone strength and joint health is vitally important as you age. Elderly people (and yes, unless you’re a vampire, you will be elderly one day) are hugely at risk for bone breaks, fractures, and arthritis. Build strong bones and joints when you’re young, and maintain them to keep kicking ass well into old age.

5. Pumping iron builds character 

Show me a man who consistently lifts weights, and I’ll show you a man who is heading in the right direction.

Character starts with respecting yourself, and having good body is a sign of self-respect. No self-respecting person lets themselves get morbidly obese when the have the power not to.

6. Pumping iron builds discipline

Discipline is everything. EVERYTHING.

Discipline means saying no to things that don’t help you thrive.

It goes without saying that in order to build a great body you must say no to sh*tty food, getting to bed too late, and skipping the gym.

Start with the weights, and see what you start saying no to and how this discipline spills out into every facet of your life.

7. Pumping iron builds willpower

If discipline is saying no, willpower is saying yes and actually DOING the things that help you thrive.

Nothing takes more willpower than dragging your ass to the gym after a long day on the grind. The beautiful thing here is that when you do sh*t you don’t want to do, you build your willpower muscle and you get better at forcing yourself to do tough things.

Trust me, if you can’t force yourself to do tough things (that make you better), you will be mediocre your whole life.

8. Pumping iron helps you lose fat

You want a shredded six-pack? Hit the weights.

A lot of guys have this misconception that you have to do hours of cardio to burn fat.


Lifting weights burns tons of calories and keeps you burning all throughout the day.

The reason behind this is that lifting weights and building muscle increases your daily energy expenditure, allowing you to eat more calories throughout the day.

Also, the abs (abs constitute most of the six-pack look) are muscles. If you lose muscle, you will also lose your abs. This will make them appear weak and barely visible.

The key to looking good lean is to build some muscle and minimize body fat, not minimize total body mass.

You build the muscle by lifting weights, and you keep the muscle by lifting weights.


BOOM… there you go.

If you ain’t liftin’ you must be trippin’. Make a date with the weights today!

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