Here’s How I Stopped Feeling Like Shit

“Man, I feel like shit.”

I used to say this to myself often.

Most mornings I’d feel a sense of dread. Some mornings I’d feel a sense of despair. Some mornings I’d feel nothing at all. On top of this I’d usually always be groggy and tired.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I woke up and realized that life’s too short to feel like shit. I started working my ass off to make some key changes and now I’m better than I’ve ever been, and I continue to get better every day.

Now, in all transparency, I do still feel like shit sometimes (I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t). But I don’t live there like I used to. Nowadays it passes quickly and then I’m back to kicking ass and feeling good.

The thing is, a lot of guy’s default state is one of feeling like shit. This is unacceptable.

You get one fucking life, and it kills me to see guys wasting their chance.

Look man, I don’t want to see you waste the one shot ya got. So to help you break through, I’ve come up with a list of what I’ve done to stop feeling like shit.

I hope this list will help you recognize the things in your life that make you feel like shit, and work on changing them so that you’re fucking thriving and not just existing.

Ready? Set, let’s go.

I made sleep a priority.

Lack of sleep always makes me feel like ten tons of shit. When I get less than six hours, I’m completely useless. Contrasting this to when I get a solid 8 hours, It’s a night and day difference. This is why I put such an importance on sleep.

So how do I get better sleep?

  • I pretty much go to bed and wake up at the same time every night and morning. The human body loves predictability, and it really needs to be on some sort of sleep cycle based on a circadian rhythm.
  • I cut down on coffee considerably and don’t drink coffee after noon. Too much coffee and coffee too late in the day is a sleep killer.
  • I read before bed. Reading calms my mind and mentally tires me out.
  • I resolved to cut out phones and screens 1 hour before bed. The blue light from screens keeps us up. No phones in bed!

It all really starts with sleep. Make it a priority.

I went quality over quantity with food.

I used to EAT.

And man oh man did I eat.

I ate so much that I gained 30 lbs of fat in about a years time.

Whole pizzas, burritos, cartons of chocolate milk, and whole pints of ice cream were a few of my favorites.

What I did was pretty much give myself an excuse to get fat disguised as a “bulk”.

In reality, eating became a form of entertainment, something I did because there were shortcomings in other areas of my life.

This made me feel like shit in couple of ways:

  • Being fat killed my confidence. I was ashamed to take off my shirt because I looked like shit.
  • Being fat killed my motivation. Being well fed left me with no motivation to go out and kill it. There was no fire, no HUNGER.
  • Being fat made me lazy. My body had all this extra tissue to feed, which left me with no energy.

I knew I had to get serious and cut the shit, and that’s when I cleaned up my diet. I’ve been eating 90% whole foods for a while now, and trust it’s made a huge difference. I’ve noticed that I’m usually always in a good mood and that I have tons of energy throughout the day.

The thing is, you really don’t realize how important good food is until it starts to affect you negatively.

Guys, cut the shit. I know it’s tough, but it’s worth it.

I cut mindless TV watching and internet surfing.

I used to live vicariously through others by the way of sports, some fictional crapshow, or a trainwreck reality TV show. I also used to frequent “news” sites and social media.

I now realize that this was a one way ticket to feel like shit city and cutting this shit is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I became a learner.

Once I started learning my life really started changing for the better.

I now constantly seek out life-changing books, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

This is so important… once you stop learning, you start dying, man.

I started challenging myself more.

I started attempting to master hard things by setting goals and setting up systems with processes to help me achieve these goals.

Look, as humans we always need to be striving towards goals. Our goals are our battles in the modern day and age, and if we’re not battling day in and day out we’re as good as dead.

Pick some things you’ve always wanted to do and do them. Set the goal, create the system, and get after it!

I kicked out the consumer mindset.

I realized that material things don’t really matter. I also realized that buying things creates a quick hollow high, but you soon go right back to feeling like shit.

Since I’ve shifted from the consumer mindset, I rarely buy anything but food these days.

Don’t be mindless consumer. Buy only what you need, not what you want.

I quit some shitty jobs and focused on creation, production, and entrepreneurship.

I’ve never felt more like shit than when I was working some unfulfilling job.

Now, are there jobs that don’t make you feel like shit? Sure. If you’ve got a job where you make a difference, have autonomy, enjoy the work, and love the people, have at it.

The problem is that most jobs don’t check any of those boxes. With most jobs you’re a replaceable cog.

If that’s not reason enough, calling another man your boss is emasculating, you can get fired for just about anything, and you don’t have enough time left to give someone 40-60 hours a week of your life.

A lot of you guys would be better off becoming entrepreneurs than working some shitty job.

I stopped being nihilistic and I vowed to make the world a better place.

Done are my nihilistic days.

I’m now working on things that are meaningful and that contribute to society. I focus on being useful, creating value, and helping others.

This is key. If you aren’t making a difference, what are you doing?

I’m staying out of the past, I’m more present, and I’m embracing the future.

I used to reminisce about the past often, and when I did I always painted it as being better than it actually was. This caused me to long for the good ‘ol days. The thing is, there were no good ‘ol days. I was just scared of change. Now I refuse to dwell on the past. It’s over and gone, and the best is yet to come.

I’ve also resolved to be more in the present. Life will run right by us if we’re not living in the present. It’s really all we got.

The future is important because it will be the present very soon. Therefore we need to always be striving towards a better future.


I’ll say it again: life’s too short to feel like shit.

So stop feeling like shit.


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